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Landscape Architecture Studio Snapshot

We are proud of the work our students produce in our state-of-the-art facilities. Take a look below at just a small sample of student projects ranging across all levels of design studio. 

Advanced Design Studio | Vertical Design

Folded Interface

Location: New York, New York
Student: Richard Conte
Project Description: Masterplan for a resilient, floodable, amphibious urban landscape—creating a symbiosis between the concrete jungle and climate change.

Advanced Design Studio | Philadelphia Zoo South Area Redevelopment

Future Ground, Common Ground

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Student: TongTong Zhou
Project Description: Masterplan for the south area of the nation’s oldest zoological garden that includes world biomes with a sophisticated, representative ecosystem palette.

Advanced Design Studio | Ecology + Design: Climate Change Studio

The Future Foreshore

Location: Houston, Texas
Student: Chad Purcell
Project Description: Each student was empowered to individually identify a localized impact of climate change, develop a robust method of inquiry, and present a unique and rational actionable response that considers future effects of climate change.

3rd-Year Community Design Studio

Heritage Park 2.0

Location: Altoona, Pennsylvania
Student: Yixiao Fu
Project Description: Plaza redevelopment concept inspired by community engagement practices, interweaving the participatory process with inquiry into, and design of, one of the most important archetypes of the public realm—the civic square or plaza.

2nd-Year Site Design Studio


Location: State College, Pennsylvania
Student: Tori Frydrych
Project Description: Site design project employing emerging landscape architecture skillset, including spatial vocabulary, site analysis, concept diagrams, and digital visualization techniques.


This publication by the American Society of Landscape Architects explores what landscape architecture is as a profession, what landscape architects do, what their goals are, and a wide variety of the projects they undertake. From urban revitalization through the design of energy efficient city parks to public playgrounds made using recyled and remanufactured materials to sustainable community gardens and city plaza designs, the opportunities for landscape architects are infinite and on the rise. Check out the digital version of Your Land:


This document is a summary of the E+D: Ecology + Design Symposium that was held in November 2017 at Penn State. Included are reflections on the conference by participating academics and practitioners, transcripts of their conversations with the community (and links to videos), and next steps to move this important initiative forward at Penn State and beyond. 



Collage of images of students working


Facilities tours and studio visits are offered most Fridays (by appointment) at 1:30 p.m. 

Please contact Kelly Praskovich, College of Arts and Architecture, Director of Enrollment, 814-865-9523, to schedule a visit so we may ensure students and faculty are available.

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