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Architecture Programs

Graduate Programs

Ph.D. in Architecture

The Ph.D. in Architecture is 
a research-based degree supporting a number of areas of inquiry. The program is housed in the Stuckeman School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture. It’s distinguishing quality is its broad-based research core, grounded in contemporary theory, and methods.


The Department of Architecture and the Human Dimensions of Natural Resources and the Environment (HDNRE) program offer a dual-title doctoral degree, intended for students interested in rigorous research in the interactions between architecture and human dimensions as these relate to the environment.

Master of Science in Architecture (M.S. in Architecture)

The post-professional M.S. in Architecture program does not qualify the recipient for professional licensure in the United States. The program is intended for students already holding a professional degree in architecture, and in exceptional cases, for students with nonprofessional architectural degrees who seek to develop a better understanding of architecture. The M.S. in Architecture program is a research-based track supporting a number of areas of research inquiry, specially designed for students interested in advanced research and independent work.


The Department of Architecture and the Human Dimensions of Natural Resources and the Environment (HDNRE) program offer a dual-title master of science degree, intended for students interested in advanced research in the interactions between architecture and human dimensions as these relate to the environment.

Professional Master of Architecture (M.Arch.)

The professional Master of Architecture (M.ARCH.) program is designed for students with undergraduate baccalaureate degrees in fields other than architecture and for those holding a non-professional baccalaureate degree in architecture. The three-year (seven semester) program helps prepare students to become leaders in the profession of architecture.

Undergraduate Programs

Bachelor of Architecture

The Department of Architecture is a member of the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture and the Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch.) degree is accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board. The major provides for the education of architects at the professional and pre-professional levels.

Bachelor of Science in Architecture

The pre-professional four-year B.S. in Architecture program is only available to students currently admitted to the Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch.) program at Penn State. Students studying architecture who choose not to pursue the five-year professional degree or licensure can pursue the B.S. in Architecture, which requires 135 credits.  

Architecture Minor

The Architecture Studies Minor will permit students in other majors the opportunity to gain insight into the discipline of Architecture. To enroll, students must receive approval from their academic advisor and the professor-in-charge of the Minor in Architecture Studies.

Integrated Bachelor of Architecture and Master of Science in Architecture

The Integrated B.Arch. – M.S. in Architecture is only available to fourth-year undergraduate students in Penn State's B.Arch. program.

Study Abroad

Rome Program

In Rome, Penn State's Department of Architecture offers a full year (fall and spring semesters of 15 sem/crs. each) of academic courses at the fourth-year level of a five-year B.Arch. program.


Open to both graduate and undergraduate students from the Departments of Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Architectural Engineering, Graphic Design, and Fine Arts, this summer program provides students an opportunity to become acquainted with Japanese and Korean history, as well as cultural, aesthetic, and other creative traditions that shape the built environments of each country.

High School Summer Camp

Architecture/Landscape Architecture Summer Camp

The Penn State Department of Architecture and the Stuckeman School host an annual Architecture/Landscape Architecture Summer Camp each year. The program provides campers the opportunity to utilize the University Park campus facilities of the Stuckeman School and be mentored by faculty, alumni, and experienced undergraduate students.

Robert Reed Drawing Workshops

Cathy Braasch, assistant professor of architecture, was so moved by the passion of the late artist and educator Robert Reed that she has set out to share his life, work, and pedagogy with a whole new generation of students through the Robert Reed Drawing Workshops at Penn State and in New York at Hunter College and the Whitney Museum for American Art. Read the story.

Schedule a Visit or Request Architecture Program Information

For application or acceptance questions, or to schedule a visit, please contact Kelly Praskovich, College of Arts and Architecture, Director of Enrollment, 814-865-9523.

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